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The parent can go up, the father of mud of that all over the body attended one c
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The last parent before son elementary school graduates is met, I attend, the parent before is met, as a result of the reason that I work, attend by my madam completely.
7 o'clock sharp, add of parent land add arrives neat, the autograph arrives too, find the place of own child, ordinal sit down. Look reach, everybody was to dress up meticulously, the dress is brighter decent, distinction is some people only thick outfit is colourful, some has two parents to take sexy course occasionally without; , abundant breast fat buttock, go in the classroom, feeling letting a person is a bit antipathetic.
Sign in when, some parents are complaisant, some parents are supercilious, some parents are subtle and careful, careless; has some parents among them extraordinary of bearing of words and deeds of a parent, offend the eye that gets other parent to cast countless evil be disgusted with to her. See she sees a teacher only, mouth, "Teacher, the pardonable grade that make jade is so poor, arrange her finally because of you namely! "Say to take the first stroke of a Chinese character to brush brush brush an autograph to be over renown, conveniently throws the pen, hold one's head high the position that holds out a bosom to stride a stride to leave dais the closest toward the 2nd group goes, without giving thought to thirty-seven thousand one hundred and ninety-one, one buttock sat to go down, what high-heeled shoes and the sound that cement floor chafes comparative is harsh. This affection this scene, have the parent of bit of quality a little, all without exception shakes his head, teacher strabismus saw her, did not manage she, continue call is other parent sign in.
Can be to leave 7:30, as the drawing near of time, the teacher looks up from time to time the wall clock that sees a wall go up, not the of all kinds question that its irritated answer student parent raises be disgusted with, same question, a parent asked, b, c parent also asks together, pitiful teacher, can have not left, estimation head already feel dizzy.
Time arrived, teacher signal numerous parent is quiet, the door is shut gently, the teacher became clear clear the throat, when preparing a mouth, the door that just closed gently left.
See one middleaged man only, dust of all over the body appears in the doorway, there is a smile on the face, with Guangdong mandarin persistently if saying apologize to the teacher.
Voice is not big, the blue labour clothes that the eye; that drew all parents however sees he is wearing to had faded only, the of every description that there is place of full of stains or spots spot above paints; Trousers is dirt completely, aing string of 1 only, hanging down only, wearing pluvial shoe, slop is stained with above. Look, know to just came from construction site.
"This parent, excuse me your child is. . . . ..
"I am Wang Zhihao's father! "I am Wang Zhihao's father!!
"Oh. . . . .. The teacher shows open-eyed face sentiment.
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