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The expert gives directions: Below what circumstance should be family education
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Nowadays, what is giving the child to ask family education already new issue. However, necessary ask family education to the child, ask family education to should note what problem, a lot of parents hold forbid. For this, the teacher that we interviewed attached primary school of division of partial parent, hill and the undergraduate that had made teaching in home, ask them to talk about the problem of this respect.

  Ask family education to whether be necessary

The reporter discovers in interview, many parents have a kind of blind to asking family education from numerous psychology. The reporter hears a lot of parents to say: “ other people is asked, oneself are not afraid of please delayed the child, the child that cannot let oneself falls at the back of others. ” is some parents additionally the job is too busy, take care of the child hard, and child homework they also do not coach, asked family education to the child so.

Can look from actual condition, effect of a few family education is not ideal. Have a little boy original indrawn, the male undergraduate husband that asked a not good at the way one speaks or what he says to him teachs, the disposition that is the child as a result also did not have a change, study result also did not rise. Still have the child with a poorer study, do not do work at ordinary times, had teaching in home, flat throw exercise to family education.

Of course, more a few teach so that compare successful family education. The child of Mr Wang prefers abstruse number at ordinary times, he seeks the child's opinion, have the abstruse number teacher of experience to what she asked to retire. Through the study of a semester, child progress is very rapid, first prize is won in abstruse number match.

Mr. Chen Guiling of hill division attached primary school does not advocate pupil to ask family education. She says the lesson of pupil is not heavy, average student can digest knowledge on classroom, master. Some students result is bad, because attend class,basically be not serious listen to a talk, finish class corrupt enjoy not feigned line of business, the parent of these children asks family education to the child, some is to see the child, help child completes work, strangled independent ability of the child instead so, and the true condition that goes against a teacher to know the child through exercise. Mr. Chen says parents is the child's best teacher, again busy also should smoke time to follow child communication. If gave the child to ask family education, the requirement that also wants a child and oneself tells teaching in home, and should not know the child through family education.

Mr. Fang Ying that teachs Chinese says, pupil asks family education advantageous have disadvantage. Advantage is now school student is more, teacher lecture basically understands with medium student and accept force to be accurate, some children response is slow, ask family education to be able to check leakage fill a vacancy, the study habit of man-to-man education child and interest. Insufficient is, the child can depend on psychology to family education generation, what kind of to no matter learn,feel, come home to still have teacher teaching anyway, bring about quality of classroom attend a lecture poorer.
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