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Psychological knowledge also is Shuang Renjian
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Psychological knowledge is in why to answer to doubt dispels doubts and save life while also be to existing of the risk sex of oneself.

I do psychology to seek advice from a volunteer fast 3 years. Often encounter such problem. Some people are too sensitive use psychological knowledge with formalist carry. This happens with respect to the business that created two kinds of risk:

One kind is by too the knowledge of carry intention manage of sensitivity, and the mentality that create is depressed. Citing: Some people were looking the postscript of respect of a few psychology, very easy " check the number is entered " . A person that I once had helped is this appearance. He loves clean a little namely at ordinary times. Like the home in clean. The guest came in the home, he always should be brushed first brush a chair asking a family to sit down, he goes to a family also is same. As time passes, people says he has clean hobby. He himself? Also feared. Because of,the result caused a heart really instead sexual clean addiction. Do not think the more such, the hand does not listen more handled. Want to be brushed ceaselessly. I spent a lot of time to just helped him walk out of this heart to written guarantee later.

One kind is use psychological knowledge by too formalist carry, and caused psychogenic disorder. Citing: This is mixed actually above those who say is about the same, distinguish even if depend on. This kind of person, it is the book that learned knowledge of a few psychology to perhaps see side of a few psychology first, remembered among them disease is behaved next, again hind contacted at random namely. For instance, when encountering the thing with bad mood, this kind of person comes out in the mood such as sadness, anger when, often associated toward psychological disease respect. Where is result? Make oneself turned intentional manage disease into the person that have really namely.

Above is two kinds of looks that I encounter knowledge of fallibility intention manage, cause the person that generation psychology disease has.

The talent that looking in me actually is not intentional manage disease can encounter psychological problem, those who encountered a problem also cannot explaining was to get psychological disease certainly, different life level can encounter different problem, how to judge oneself situation, the key depends on should having appropriate " degree " master.

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