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The university entrance exam 40 main experience
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Eve of the university entrance exam, I offer an envelope to every student, let their status with a n experienced person, him union is realized greatly to the big thorough of the university entrance exam, learn younger brother to below one people talk about what Gao Sanfu reviews to greet one's deceased father experience. Experience lesson and note, requirement language fine, the dot arrives till, ponder over time not to exceed 15 minutes. Actually, I still have additionally two objectives at that time: It is to be able to alleviate psychological pressure of the student, make them self-confident and calm ground faces the university entrance exam (after all they gave much effort, still realize the valuable experience that gave so much) ; 2 it is the good experience that uses them, let learn younger brother people can draw lessons from, with benefit effectively promotion reviews level of take an examination, achieve the biggest profit and efficiency. A lot of proposals here, although do not have very tall academic height, but it is the method that they realize the effective that go out from inside practice, it is their wisdom crystallization when process experience is medium, it is the words from heart that they permeated sweat and tear, also be expert of a lot of scholars and teacher of a gleam of cannot summarize the distinctive view that give. Collect now arrange, offer reference.
1. The society is an upright person, the society becomes a problem. Fail to keep faith, why be character; If the person does not have a letter, why be a person.
2. Do not think parents waits admonish you are " read for oneself ah " , you can freely easily. Since you are spending parental money, enjoying the life that parents gives, then you also must live for them. This, it is responsibility!
3. Target and motive are very main. Want to have clear long-term goal, want to have practical action plan. When junior high school graduates, should give oneself very good read platform, should take a heart the dream of happy university enters key middle school, such already successful halves.
4. One's deceased father advanced a focal point (famous) middle school with respect to everything is just fine! This is the lie of the final regret that I hear up to now. Admit incoming fellow student formally, did not get on 2 certainly; Join the fellow student that expenses will come read, family mark still has divided several above in 2.
5. Be good at accepting be not being helped also is a kind of wisdom. Make full use of classmate. The teacher's resource, the labor fruit that shares them and wisdom are crystal, also be the opportunity of rare.
6. State of mind decides success or failure. No matter be on study, still reveal in other specialty in, should be opposite oneself are confident. Participate in oneself to consider the activity of the attempt, perfect ceaselessly in failure, it is the simple way that raises oneself.
7. Must not wallow in network. Game. Otherwise you can suffer Nemesis certainly inside nearly 5 years. Can go every week Internet bar, but time does not exceed two hours, had better be Sunday goes. Waste otherwise, it is time and money not just.
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