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How has been study just met?
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To everybody introduction the following kinds study a method now, the hope is helpful to your study.
One, fulfil from psychological angle: Learn with good intention affection. This adjusts good intention condition namely, with active, enthusiastic, hopeful, active, up state of mind throws study. Good intention affection learns, the requirement overcomes the mood of all unpleasant mood and press press curb, eliminate to learn beyond of bagatelle, the interference of distracting thoughts. The mood is bad to can affect normal study badly. Participate in study without good intention affection, obtain good result impossibly. Good intention affection learns, expression is participated in for joy, absorbed, wholeheartedly, it is heart investment, good to have work of passion, thinking, be apt to is thought of ask, the purpose is clear, achieve actor actively, it is better to strive for. Hope each classmate is in each days (attend class in each class especially before) adjust good intention condition, throw study with good intention affection, with period obtain optimal study result.
Learn with good intention affection, ambitious attune must have the good habit of 5 respects:
1. Good read, the habit that reads good book;
2. Draw the outline of, punctuate, by approved habit;
3. Think, comprehension habit;
4. Cento and the habit that make note;
5. Accumulate knowledge and recombine the convention that use.
Good intention affection learns, need the participation of effort of consciousness of interest, target, volition. Interest is the passageway of study, target consciousness is the bright lamp that learns a passageway, the volition is the reliable safeguard that good intention affection learns hard. Good intention affection learns, regular meeting school work is outstanding, learn can grow into useful timber, learn to have as.
2, from the target fixed position fulfils: Be expected certainly target. This carries the reasonable goal that effort can achieve certainly namely. Person lifetime should decide award of project of lifelong target, long-term goal, level target, near future target, particular branch. Teenage student should make clear target of the study target of student phase, near future study, and specific course study target. Define a goal, depend on establishing confidence. Do everything to should make clear a target, should have hope. Did not make clear a target, either with confidence, can do meddlesome favour, can you get academic review? That will be spellbound, muddleheaded, waste time insignificantly, the thing is done bad, study does not have results. Define a goal, invigorate oneself, believe oneself, throw study with confidence, perserve, work with perseverance, with period implementation is expected target.
Teenage friend, suggest you ask yourself: "Did I define a goal? Do I have hope? " be expected quickly certainly please target, confident, devoted study, strive for outstanding achievement.
3, from study the process fulfils: Time - quantify - accumulate.
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