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Tall 3, do you still have how old promotion space? !
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Gao Sanxue is born to finish partial new extracurricular even besides last term, the main task that makes school year is to always be reviewed. The principle that always reviews is summary induces the knowledge that has learned before, consolidate ABC, improve the result of each division as far as possible; Ultimate goal is an intellectual integration, systematization, progressively promotion uses the capacity that solves all sorts of problems integratedly, so that optimal result is obtained in the university entrance exam. Rise from second year in high school tall 3 hind, very much accurate tall examinee feels to the bottom is done not have in the heart, the requirement that thinks oneself ability level is apart from the university entrance exam still is differred very far, so, 31 years tall how much can aggrandizement training make Gao Sansheng rises after all?
How to enter tall 3 condition
Give him establish a cause. If had undertaken the imitate of examination questions of the university entrance exam takes an exam before one year, can add certain mark on his mark, analyse each division to still have next how old the space that increase. English is for instance OK go up very, maths is OK still go up very, on Chinese 5 minutes, other adds up on 30 minutes. If had not undertaken the model is taken an examination of, suggest you regard referenced department as to decide a goal the place of grade, for instance your rank in grade is 120/600 left and right sides, your school is annual key university can take an examination of on 150 people, so your target ensures the first batch admits a school namely.
To exam result must " put below " . Enter tall 3, exam one after another, the result of the exam also is those who keep is fair show come out. If value exam result too, psychological defense line is dangerous. Had been taken an examination of for instance, subconscious in loosen, achievement is dropped downward immediately; Did not take an examination of good, heart Li Yu is frowsty, blame oneself sneaking, study is bloodless also, take an exam next time grade may be poorer. Try a result to need checking must " put below " , important is to find the reason that send a fault, won't lane understood, next attentive the cent that can gain is added, do later again the mark that understand is added, see this examination paper can get how many minutes. It is to give oneself hope so, also be to give oneself to raise a requirement, the cent that can gain cannot be lost surely.
A variety of means are slow mood. If in residence, answer dormitory and roommate to joke everyday, laugh well, cry even, perhaps look it is not quite normal to seem, but when can letting you sleep not so be agitated. The classmate of attend a day school is returned current affairs talks with the parent in the home, also can accumulate the material that writes argumentative writing at the same time; Perhaps talk about a few casually, eat to see cartoon, but offer a piece of advice not to see teleplay, some teleplay not only the effect that has less than relaxation, and the nerve that still lets you is more nervous, wasteful time still is gone against rest.
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