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The person cannot be not had " addiction "
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"If a person plays repeatedly bad, had done the work possibly still? ! " this is Wen Bo a logion of player of everybody, capital Mr Wang Shixiang. The meaning below character, plaything is not funeral annals, sometimes OK instead bright annals. Playing investment, clingingly because of him, ability went out " absolutely vivid " , played acme, become " strange person " , " clever person " . Let a person have to sigh: The person cannot be not had " addiction " , have " addiction " just have clinging, and this finishs place of any a kind of work just about indispensable.
Wang Shixiang studies range is wide, except in already was bordering on cultural relic to those " show learn " painting and calligraphy, sculpture, inscriptions, building is a lot of the respect has profound research and rich writing to narrate outside, the domain that devotes oneself to those to notice when fashionable less somebody especially, include furniture, musical instrument, lacquer, Pao implement, the sculpture of horn of tooth of quarter bamboo, inscriptions cultural relic that has certain technology quality, and even a variety of implements between content of interpose Yu Wen and folk-custom, be like feed columbine, eagle, dog, cricket the special tool that wait, full purpose of Dou Youlin Lang collects the research with thorough system, write much ministry treatise, fill the blank of these respects, the develop a school of one's own in the home learns in cultural relic.
Had gone out before Wang Shixiang " bright and beautiful ash " " 3 caboodle " , say article rich story, published recently " bright and beautiful ash does not form a pile " of a pen that is him make, calculate going up is to profess to won't have bright and beautiful ash " 4 caboodle " continuation. On piece " recall toward " collect ten new language, witness the ups and downs of careers of last century China cultural relic and several batches of national treasure with true writing, show at the same time to it of the cultural worker of as close as flesh and blood appeal to beg, between the lines is perforative " go ' from precious ' road " positive attitude. Leave an author of incorporate into one's own forces nearly two years be written " tradition of rescue of continuance China columbine culture is viewed and admire columbine " series article, insert match chromatic plate 100 more than frame, can says one takes shape " China views and admire columbine chart " .
As the continuance that collects heat in recent years, king world assists this name also is more and more collecting lover place is witting, concerned book also gave a few. Resemble " from precious collect: Of Wang Shixiang collect a story " " strange person Wang Shixiang: The couple pine of the wording and purpose of what one writes of a person of academic or artistic distinction resides host " etc, book cent is furnace of Gu Qin, copper, sculpture, lacquer, bamboo carving, painting and calligraphy, books, furniture, Zhu Yi, toy before path of 10 kinds of tirelessly comes, provided the data with credible full and accurate for appreciator.
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