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Wang Du cottage one (data photograph)

Li An's film " lie Hu Canglong " after famous Oscar, a lot of people begin to pay close attention to a novel " lie Hu Canglong " cottage of author Wang Du. A what kind of person is Wang Du cottage after all? What appearance is the knight-errant world of his the wording and purpose of what one writes after all? Is he on literary history what kind of position to hold? A Cong Yongkang walks out of the scholar that go to study through 20 old with great concentration, drew up northward knight-errant novel one of 4 everybody the exclusive biography of Wang Du cottage, get on this the popular fiction home with 339 famous time introduces the century in the round common people.
Wang Du cottage and " lie Hu Canglong "
Wang Du cottage (1909-1977) , original name Wang Baoxiang, hind instead " nurture circle in the air " , word clouds feather. In July 1909 the front courtyard of 29 other people of an impoverished division that are born around Beijing University. 7 years old miss father, family circumstances hardship, elementary school teacher, tutor has been become after elementary school graduates, support teachs oneself to the library and arrive Beijing University audit, raise culture level, 967 years old begin to the press contribute, edit small-sized newspaper. After getting married for bread, exiled take at Shanxi, Gansu Province, Henan. "Be hungry human body travels faraway... repeatedly classics is rough, taste world flavour fully " . Till 1937 spring, the uncle of Li Danquan of madam of go to somewhere for shelter settles to Qingdao, and with " spend cottage " for pseudonym, begin him " sell draft to make a living " career. He should be in Qingdao such falling into enemy hands in the area, the novel that writes with oneself is built remove small " spend cottage " , "Degree " cross this paragraph of hardships, block storm for oneself, also give the people that struggles below the cruel oppression of the people, provide a place that can seek mental solace.
Then, had a record " the leap of life and dart " " lie Hu Canglong " , " sword Jin Chai " , had from " crane Jing Kunlun " to " cavalry silver-colored bottle " " crane · iron 5 music " , had " fall garrulous waves sweet " wait for 4 talk feeling novel, had " Yong Zheng and year Monarch Yao of a thick soup " wait for 5 explanation unofficial history " historical legend " . Lifetime of Wang Du cottage wrote many 50 novel in all. Began family of Wang Du cottage 1949 emigrant Liaoning, teach in and other places of Dalian, Shenyang. Emeritus 1968, 1977 Wang Du cottage with long ill body dies in Tie Ling, die at the age of is 68 years old.
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