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Gu Ping is sunken new novel " glad " come out
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Newest first phase " contemporary " magazine city of 10 days of faces, the newest novel that full text published Gu Ping sunken last a period of time 3 years to be written " glad " . Gu Ping is sunken a novel that says this is he is written the most demandingly, "Come 3 years I 5 easy its stalk of grain, rub finger gave a large hole, just had this " glad " . " the personage inside course of study thinks, as a result of 2 years before " Shaanxi opera " resonant flatly, this Gu Ping is sunken do one's utmost the intention of rally is very apparent.
Gu Ping is sunken it is now Chinese amount to holds to one of manuscript writers a few times not much, " glad " after be completed, gu Ping is sunken the finger that the first business that do reveals him to get hurt then to the person beside namely. He says, 5 easy the book that its stalk of grain wrote summation to exceed 1 million word, these words are he draws up with pen brushstroke brushstroke those who come. "I revise the first draft of 150 thousand word ulterly changedly, the feeling does not reach the designated position to be overturned come again. Result handle is written. This is I revise a number for years most, most a novel of do sth over and over again. " Gu Ping's sunken now right hand middle finger is out of shape already badly, grind not only gave a large hole, also be gore hypodermically.
The novel told about a flock of live departure that what the farmer of land enters urban hind condition. The hero Liu of this book is glad to have its person really, be called Liu Shuzhen formerly, it is Gu Ping county of Dan Feng of sunken native place youngers brother the associate of beautiful town, acquire the classmate of the middle school as a child. Liu Gaoxing is a soldier in those days the village is answered to continue to become after be demobilized farmer, the son is being gotten to go into town when passing fifty years old by force of bread work, cannot find the job to maintain bread in order to pick garbage in Xi'an. "Once, glad to find me after many setbacks, mentioned their life with me. Although live hardships, but he is very hopeful however, humorous, he gives a name afresh to oneself cry ' Liu Gaoxing ' , rise newly to the son be called ' Liu is lively ' . " Gu Ping is sunken say, "Make merry in the pain that I see Chinese farmer from his body, the traditional goodness that installs deficient happy line, they are couldn't get glad but still glad, be in dirty place clean however ground is living. Their psychosis has enlightenment quite for the urban person with rich and generous to current substance life, short cultural life. Their psychosis has enlightenment quite for the urban person with rich and generous to current substance life, short cultural life..
Gu Ping is sunken say, actually he is written " glad " idea is compared " Shaanxi opera " early still, because immature and the condition is hard and fast. "To write this novel, I reach Xi'an suburban district on a special trip for many times ' village of glean and collect scraps ' seek by inquiry, with those ' tattered king ' people help the daily life of a family, eat to be drunk together together, listen to them to tell them story. The novel is in 3 after changing its name, cry finally certainly " glad " . " Gu Ping is sunken express, "As a writer, I help them without greater ability, also do not want to go out settle way, I can be composed only, see me, think of, confused thing draws up come. See me, think of, confused thing draws up come..
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