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Read a teacher to talk about the university entrance exam -- , chemical piece
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The process that solve a problem notices a standard

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Read a teacher brief introduction: Du Fang, high teacher learns in Dong Yang, had attended course of integrated division chemistry experienced science department in a college of the university entrance exam 2005 roll.

So certain that serious careful inscribes beautiful time
Make a comprehensive view the university entrance exam is chemical in last few years examination paper, the topic is not hard, but from last year read a circumstance to look, many examinee lost cent on a few very light titles. I believe, to very big for one part examinee, because they did not grasp those ABC points,this is not, do not have serious careful problem however, losing cent so is special regrettablly.
Go up in examination room so, examinee must not the to drive time hasty title that browse, so certain that serious careful inscribes beautiful time, it is the most crucial, it is notched premise condition. Say none exaggeratively, careful is equal to a success to the title half.
The process that solve a problem notices a standard
Because answering question process is non-standard and bring about lose cent very injustice. From last year read a circumstance to look, a few examinee still cannot avoid the problem with chemical non-standard diction, do not have the big the ordinary form of a Chinese numeral of divisional letter symbol for instance, the leakage in reaction type dropped aeriform symbol, precipitation mark, heat symbol, the reversible symbol in equation is written into arrowhead to wait a moment by accident; Some examinee are not accurate on literal expression, for instance will " ester converts reaction " write into " fat converts reaction " , appear such wrongly written or mispronounced characters does not notch, lose cent for nothing so treat unjustly!
Return some examinee likelihood to pursue fast, write illegible, the pen is joining put pen to paper on, let read a teacher to guess a word, waste teacher time not only, the influence experiences a rate, and cause different meanings easily, bring about a miscarriage of justice. Standard, clarity should be written as far as possible when answering question so, just gain tall cent possibly in that way.
What the society nods to knowledge is migratory
Undeniable, title of the university entrance exam is Protean, but remain essentially the same despite all apparent changes, all examination questions are come from at textbook knowledge, can find out prototype in textbook. Last year, the university entrance exam has what a chemical problem takes an examination of is 14 electrons compound, read in coiling, I discover many examinee fail to solve come out, actually, this problem purpose checks a place is compound of pair of on textbook 10 electrons what this one knowledge nods is migratory. What the teacher when attending class at ordinary times explains is 10 electrons compound, the practice after the class also is to make 10 electrons compound in course of study of do exercises in composition, but why does the examinee when the university entrance exam encounter 14 electrons compound to feel unfamiliar, won't be solved? Because they had formed a kind of thinking,decide situation, what nod to knowledge without the society is migratory.
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