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How to prepare composition of the university entrance exam
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A good composition should have a point of view, have window, strong degree, have depth, charming, influential force, have shock power. The essence that should try a composition is show off, the advantage that is enlarge, him aggrandizement, with various expression means shows his advantage. So, should go up in expressive angle as far as possible, go up in the choice of material, there is certain novel sex on reflection content. On the structure of the article Ying Yun says and rigorous, fluent in the Ying Huali on language expression.
As examinee, should stress the program of writing. Spending 60 minutes of time to write a composition is properer, the time careful that should have 15 minutes or so among them inscribes conception. Must study a subject carefully, careful problem is inadvertent, plateful all is defeated. The article is due associate extended share, in order to abound the content of the article. Next the frame of set article, the structural outline of listed article.
Say from whole, I feel to 6 problems must cause examinee special in learn or should try attention.
1. should note the alternative of style. The university entrance exam writes a composition to do not have limitation to examinee almost on style now, but style is being affected judge a teacher to actor or actress to an article the cognizance of bad, so examinee ten million cannot treat sth lightly.
2. wants those who notice material to apply. Cite material appropriate is wraparound, do not want textual copy word for word. An article 800 words, among them material of copy word for word 200 much words, judge a teacher to such article the first feeling is this classmate is counted in collect word. When making material, also do not say to see a data on newspaper, hear a story to wait a moment, because be the data that gives you obviously, say oneself see even, hear, is this to be in tell a bare-faced lie?
3. wants those who notice an article to imitate. Should say the article can be imitated, but if full text copy word for word is washed-up. The article of some classmates sentence expression has distinguishing feature very much, but the frame content of whole article is from others over there " borrow " come, notch not tall. If material content is,be familiar with from a few everybody material and the records with a few very old circulation coach to go up before taking an examination of " borrow " come, notch at least should fall a class.
4. should notice the theme of the article does not want the mainstream viewpoint of value of deviate society. Although emphasize the student's the university entrance exam writing a composition to want to be able to justify oneself only now, what kind of viewpoint is OK, but here must have degree, this spends the mainstream viewpoint of value that is a society. The university entrance exam 2002 writes a composition " sincere letter " , the social mainstream viewpoint of value of this topic should be country, nation, society, individual needs sincere letter, this is " degree " . Be in this " degree " in, you can say country, nation, society, individual needs sincere letter, the action that also can explain sincere letter, meaning, if exceed this " degree " , incorrect of course. Still have quite partial classmate is told how to talk about love in high school life, some telling sincere letter should be said in love, also some telling do not say sincere letter in love, " standard of behavior of high school student " be to stipulate the high school student forbids Tan Lian to love obviously?
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