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Read a teacher to talk about the university entrance exam -- , geographical piec
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Read a teacher brief introduction: The leaf hopes to build, jin Hua 2 in one class teacher, attended geography of the university entrance exam reviewed a work 2005.

One, careful title is not clear, information gets ability difference
The demand of geography careful problem capacity to examinee is higher, as a result of the scene (the data that examination questions gives) it is new commonly, pay attention to careful to inscribe particularly with respect to requirement examinee. Be like 36 (2) problem (the following examination questions all is 2005 examination questions of put together of article of the university entrance exam) give information according to place, the potential that explains this zonule land is used and development use the issue that ought to note. Because there is an attention when examinee careful problem " latent capacity " this noun, a lot of examinee answer the title into the current situation that land uses with respect to ground of assume sth as a matter of course, apparent, latent capacity and current situation are two different ideas. Be like again 36 (3) problem problem is, show the advantageous element that water can develop this zonule to the point. Partial examinee answers this question simply into the condition with local can resourceful water, and the advantageous element that can develop according to water asks this to analyse, water is resourceful it is one of advantageous elements that water can develop, answer the development condition such as area of dam location, catchment even additionally.
Additional, examinee cannot get the significant information answering question of material, also be the main reason that loses cent. Geographical examination questions takes check chart data seriously unscramble and use capacity, requirement student is good at observation, discovery, get, handle all sorts of information, can use adroitly, sentence read, scale and the chart that analyse all sorts of types. Be like 36 (1) the terrain feature that the title asks to summarize 3 section plane to show respectively, sum up the integral terrain feature of this zonule. Because a lot of examinee cannot combine the specific content that chart gives out, break away from thematic material to keep his view however, bring about notch very low.
Above loses the case of cent, as a result of,basically be examinee nurturance scan a title immediately the bad habit of exam paper causes. Examination questions of the university entrance exam often is compared agile, although simple question also may turn curved, because this examinee wants word for word,see clear title demand.
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