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English writing should notice careful is inscribed
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Read a teacher brief introduction: Yu Jinwu, golden Hua Yizhong one class teacher, attended English last year written expression is read partly roll.

English wrote a composition last year basically is to write " birthday " , the expression of the composition belongs to half open mode (one part should be written according to what examination paper states; The play that another part should hint according to examination paper) . The way that before the title half part says to China spends birthday commonly (content of give sb a present, open Party) , second half part asks you write: "What does the means that had you felt birthday is the most significant have (is this need him student developed) ? " the write a composition even if wants dig candidate for an entrance examination thinking that opens type partly, check checks capability of raw thinking of sex of disperse the internal heat with sudorifics. However from read a circumstance to look, quite the description that one part examinee pays attention to a part only, came out the thing of compendium sex to the interpreter, to significant means, how significant write rarely, and when major candidate for an entrance examination is keeping significant kind, what basically elaborate is 3 viewpoints: Cross birthday not to want too wasteful, proposal to go forest, proposal goes picnic, means is very drab, devoid originality, fall at convention, and a few meanses that offer are not practical, have the mistake on logic, if a lot of person puts forward forest to spend birthday,compare significant, but forest has certain seasonal, everybody is planted the tree is unworkable also, let read a teacher to look to feel machine-made, bring about fractional on the low side.
From read a circumstance to look, the reason with examinee not high mark, the problem that divide careful is not quite comprehensive outside, as logistic when state as examinee insufficient rigor, use a sentence too drab (whole article is brief simple sentence, lack a few corresponding transition word) , the anticlimactic, culture in expressing kind about. Actually English writes a composition now is not pure in interpret flower, also not be simple material combination, however one has an idea, accord with the article of English habit, logistic rigor.
Examinee of proposal of Mr. Yu Jinwu wants to notice the following when writing English writes a composition:
1. notices careful is inscribed, do around the title state, a few hint that does not offer to the title only undertakes simple interpreter, and the play that does not make oneself.
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